Custom Design Dog Drinking Bottle Multi-function Water Cup Four

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500 ml, 300 ml


500 ml, 300 ml


Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green

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300 ml , 500 ml 
Yellow , Green , Blue , Pink 
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The design combines the drinking trough and the cup , which satisfied ergonomics . And it ‘ s convenient for one – handed operation ,also makes easier for the owner to feed pet water and make sure it does not leak when inverted in З60 degrees . Designed with lanyard on the top , which is also easy to carry . With 300 ML water capacity and O-shaped drinking trough design , so it ' s more suitable for dog ' s oral structure , and also can prevent water from spilling . It ’ s also suitable for all kinds of dogs in any sizes to use outdoors for a long time .Equipped with a large button of drainage , makes sure that the water comes out as soon as you press the button . It ' s also reliable and very safe . The button is placed at the bottom to lock the water . A built – in silicone seal makes sure it ' s double waterproof and leak proof . It you press the button for a long time and make the Cup erect , it can make the water flow back into the Cup .
Small size , easy to carry and operate . It combines multifunctions such as water drinking , and poop cleaning . I ’ s more convenient for pets to drink water . The owner can feed water more easily and travel without worry anything .
Dog Food Box Design : A portable dog food box is designed under the drinking Cup , Which can carry dog snacks . The dog food can be accessed by directly rotating and unscrewing . The operation is simple and the dog can enjoy the food at any time .
This product is made of healthy and environmentally friendly food grade ABS + PC material , so the surface is bright and clean . It ' s also high temperature resistant , which can be used for a very long time . Each component can be disassembled and used independently . It is easy to clean , and each part can be directly rinsed with water and easy to wipe off .
Comes with a poop shovel , which is stuck on the cup when not in use . Just remove it from the cup if you need it , put on a garbage bag , which is safe and hygienic , and will not pollute the environment .